We’re just a week away from Valentine’s Day, and many are still searching for those perfect gifts. Not to worry, PockitShip can help! Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

1. How about a love seat? It’s right there in the title! Surprise your valentine with one of these mini couches so you two can snuggle up to watch that romantic movie — they come in virtually every color imaginable. And don’t worry about getting it from the store to your home, PockitShip has you covered! Give us a call (703.229.0400) or book online here.

PockitShip can help deliver your new furniture!

2. Give some glow! Relax the atmosphere in the living room with ambient lighting on a new stylish table. Check out our partners at Stylish Patina for unique decor ideas, furniture, design services and more. Also, PockitShip can help you move any new heavy items — don’t worry about messing up your car’s upholstery!


3. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention another of our partners, Martha Leone, specializing in bold new furniture design. Liven up the bedroom decor with one of their cabinets or scroll through their “idea furniture” for design inspiration!


4. Perhaps you’re looking to make an impact with a DIY project? You can’t go wrong with roses! Check out this creative heart wreath you can make yourself from Blooming Homestead (click here).


PockitShip’s partners are a great resource for Valentine’s Day gift ideas! In addition to Martha Leone or Stylish Patina, be sure to also take a look at upcoming online auctions with Rasmus or Alexandria Auctions for that new fitness equipment or recliner your partner has been hinting at!

And last but not least, don’t forget that PockitShip can help you move your items! Let us do the heavy lifting for you this Valentine’s Day. Call 703.229.0400, book online or download our app for Apple or Android.