It’s moving season! Did you know? Over 36 million people move within the U.S. each year, with peak moving months being June, July and August. At PockitShip, we’re here to help with your move, but we also like to go above and beyond. Here are 5 useful apps in addition to our own to help with your move.

  1. Updater: This is a useful app that makes the moving process easier by bringing together all of the tiresome aspects. It helps you connect home services, forward your mail, update your accounts, transfer utilities and more. Find more information here.
  2. TaskRabbit: There’s a long list of to-do items when moving out of your current residence: make sure everything is professionally cleaned, fix anything that’s broken, disassemble the bed frame or other furniture, etc., and that’s where TaskRabbit can help. They offer handyman services for fixing, professional house cleaning and can even help carefully pack and unpack you into your new home. Or, they can help clean your closets to get rid of unnecessary clutter and give you more open space. TaskRabbit on iOS and Android.
  3. PockitShip: Of course PockitShip is included in this list! Our on-demand moving services will help you transport things around DC metro, Baltimore, and Annapolis metro areas. Just install the app via iPhone or Android, describe what you need , whether it’s help with moving to a new house or apartment, moving furniture or heavy items in your existing home, bringing items to a donation center, etc. — and get your request fulfilled in no time. Our prices are competitive and you can even schedule the move on the same day if you are in a rush. In addition, you’re able to receive an instant quote based on what you need before even starting (see HERE)! PockitShip on iPhone or Android.
  4. Nextdoor: If you’ve never used NextDoor before, be sure to sign up right away! This app allows you to connect with your neighbors to find out what’s going on in the neighborhood, find a babysitter, plan events and more. Best of all, it’s a secure environment so all of the neighbors are verified. Find Nextdoor via online or on iOS and Android.
  5. Letgo: Many people take the opportunity of moving out to part ways with furniture, clothes, old TVs, etc. Letgo is similar to Craigslist and is hyper-local which allows you to sell things quickly — or buy the things you need for your new place! PockitShip can even help with delivering the items. Letgo is available for iOS and Android.
  6. Sortly: This is a handy inventory app that’s been featured in Forbes, ABC news, FOX, New York Post and more. Create inventories of what you’ve packed in each box to eliminate the need of going through everything just to find that one item. There’s also an option to create QR codes for your moving boxes! Sortly on iOS and Android.

That’s our list, but we want to hear from you during this #NationalMovingMonth! Send us a message on Facebook and let us know what other apps you’ve found helpful when moving.