I joined the team here at PockitShip almost a month ago. I spent a handful of years with a similar startup company in the DC area, so when I came across the LinkedIn ad for an operations manager role, my first thought was “I bet I can help.”

I had heard of them on the radio, but I didn’t know anyone who used PockitShip, or how it was different from any other moving company. Once we started to interview, the picture became clearer.

PockitShip exists because a lot of people are being left out.

Here’s what I mean:

Traditionally, full-service movers focus on larger orders, like moving the contents of an entire house. Because they focus on big orders, movers usually charge a minimum fee of several hundred dollars, even if you only have a few pieces to move. It’s also rare for traditional moving companies to work on short notice, especially during the busy season (April — September).

Couriers, on the other hand, have been providing fast service for decades. In some cases, they can pick up and drop off the same day you call. Unfortunately, they fall short when it comes to oversized orders. Very few couriers are properly trained or insured to pick up and deliver large, heavy items inside homes.

That leaves a lot of people out of luck if they need a few big items moved on short notice. The marketplace — until now — hasn’t given folks many good options. PockitShip serves those people.


We combine custom technology and a unique model to eliminate waste for our carriers. That saves us money, which saves you money when you place an order with PockitShip. Since your order is broadcast to our entire carrier network, your appointment is immediately accepted by carriers who already have orders in your area on the day of your pickup.

By matching local carriers to our customers, we create more efficient schedules. That means we can offer premium services at bargain prices. My role is to make sure our daily operations run safely, on time, and without issue, regardless of when or where our customers need us.

So, if it needs to be moved, delivered, donated, assembled, or staged, try it our way. I bet we can help!