At some point in life, many of us will help a father, mother, grandmother or grandfather move into an assisted living facility. In fact, roughly one million Americans currently live in one of the 58,500+ regulated long term care senior living communities in the United States (Source: American Senior Communities).

When the time comes to make the move, how should you proceed with helping? At PockitShip, we understand moving, no matter the time or place, and assisted care facilities fall into that category. For most, moving to a senior living community means downsizing, but after 60+ years of accumulated items, which ones should they bring with them? What furniture? Which clothes? What keepsakes? Moving into a new facility is more than just the items, however, it’s a new experience with new neighbors, a new bedroom after many years and it may mean a different lifestyle.

Here at PockitShip, we’ve put together some tips to try to make the move as seamless as possible for your loved ones in their new home.

Be patient: When helping your loved one decide which items to keep and which items to toss, remember this is a major life event for them. Understanding that this is a BIG change, and it’s not necessarily an easy process, will help them transition. Take the time to understand their concerns and address them accordingly.

Their items are their memories: Help them find a new home for precious items that your loved one can’t bring with them. Giving them to a friend, relative, or donating to a good cause feels better than tossing them in the trash. In a large majority of senior living communities, new residents are only allowed to bring a small number of items with them. For this reason, it’s important to take the time to find out which items your loved ones really need and what has sentimental value. Make sure the things that are important find the right home.

Communicate with management: The management team at your chosen assisted living location is there to help. In many cases they can provide you with simple things such as a floor plan, tour, and give you best practices on the transition to help plan the move well in advance. Sunrise Senior Living, based in Northern Virginia, provides a great infographic (seen below) of their floor plans that shows how customizable your loved ones can make it. Find more tips from them on downsizing on their website here.

Make it feel like home: Make the new place feel like home with items that hold value and are familiar to your loved one. Take the time to personalize their new space which the things that mean most to them like their favorite chair, family heirlooms, and photos.

Location, Location, Location: Find the right home in the right area. There are many senior living communities to choose from in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. It can be difficult to go through all of them, so try asking around to learn of people’s experiences with certain places. There are also several websites, which lay out specific points from each place, like THIS LIST from A Place For Mom. Try and find a place close enough for family and friends to conveniently visit.

Last but certainly not least, hire the right mover! It is important to have a trustworthy moving team on this kind of life-changing decision. At PockitShip, we’re ready to help you in this move. Give us a call at 703.229.0400, visit our website at or install the app via iPhone or Android.

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