The weather is finally, after many months, starting to turn. For many, that means it’s time for Spring cleaning. It’s a way for us to clean out the accumulated dust and dirt that has gathered over the winter months. PockitShip can help with removing unwanted items, furniture and appliances, and for the other areas, here are some tips to help get started:

  1. Floors: You may consider cleaning the floors last after everything else has been cleaned, but either way, consider adding a sealer or wax. This will not only make cleaning the floor easier (and faster) in the future, but will also add a glossy look and appear shinier. P.S. PockitShip helps with in-home moving in case you need to move furniture around before cleaning the floors. Email us HERE with your questions on in-home moving.
  2. Ceiling Fans: If not cleaned, fans can continuously sprinkle dust on your furniture, appliances and floor. A quick swipe with a cloth goes a long way in preventing this and keeping the air fresh. And don’t forget the air conditioning vents!
  3. Refrigerator: Condenser coils, usually located on the back, underneath or both of the fridge, can accumulate a lot of dust and food particles. Running a cloth along the coils can not only create a cleaner environment and fresher air, but also help to prevent from overheating and higher electricity costs.
  4. Appliances: Some items that often get overlooked during spring cleaning are small appliances such as the coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven, blender, etc. We use these appliances daily and don’t think about how much grease, oil or other substances stick to them. Make sure to pick them up and wipe them down all over to prevent stains and food contamination. And please, in the future, be sure to place a paper towel over your soup before microwaving it.
  5. Kitchen & Bathroom Sink: Wherever water can leak, the possibility of mold is present. Keeping the area underneath the sink clean is essential to not only preventing mold and germs, but also allows you to quickly see if any leaks are there. Having a clear view of what’s going on under the sink can save you money and trouble in the future.
  6. Carpets & Upholstery: Approximately how many times have you walked through the house after it has rained or snowed in the DC or Baltimore areas? Too many to count? Now imagine that every one of those times, dirt and germs become deeper embedded into the upholstery and carpets. If you have a pet, double it! While we may vacuum regularly, we may not always perform a deep cleaning. Consider renting a shampoo or steaming machine from a local dealer to really clean everything. You’ll be amazed at how fresh your home can feel after using one of these on the floor and furniture, plus it makes for easier cleaning in the future.
  7. Walls: Many people do not consider cleaning the walls because they are a vertical service and therefore cannot become that dirty, right? While most of the dust and dirt don’t stick to the walls, you’ll be surprised what a soapy sponge and microfiber cloth will pick up in just a few swipes.

BONUS: Unwanted Furniture & Appliances: We did say there would be a shameless plug. If you would like to haul-away unwanted furniture and appliances, or donate large items to a cause, PockitShip can help. We’ve got this nifty calculator tool on our website that gives you an instant quote based on the size and number of items you have. Visit and book your appointment today!

All of these points together will leave you with a clean home and help to make cleaning easier in the future. While it’s unfortunate there’s not a simple app to click that can perform your spring cleaning, there IS an app for PockitShip, and we recommend you download it via iPhone or Android.