August is here, and that means many of us will be leaving to get set up for college. Year after year, students (and their parents) always have the same question: “What should I pack with me?”

Here are 5 packing tips to help you get started with the moving process.

1. Let’s start with prepping. A few weeks before actually moving, you should start the process by getting rid of unwanted items and things you no longer want or need. This will do 2 things. First, it will make your parents very happy that they won’t have to do it themselves! Second, it will make the process of what to bring with you easier. PockitShip can help with your junk removal.

2. Roommate coordination. You will most likely have roommates in college, and may get to know them before actually moving in together. This gives you the opportunity to coordinate with them and find out what they are bringing. Things like TVs and appliances can be shared and therefore make moving easier if you only have to bring certain items instead of everything.

3. Item transportation. You can choose to bring several full suitcases, or what may be more useful are plastic containers and drawers:

Not only do these serve as moving containers, but they are actual drawers so you don’t even need to unpack (provided you pack them correctly to begin with). Or, if your future room already has a dresser, you may consider using Lend a box. Lend-a-box rent plastic boxes as an alternative to cardboard. Use them for moving, projects or storage. As their website states, “Using plastic boxes generates 95% less total solid waste, requires 39% less energy, and generates 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions than cardboard.” Find more info at

4. Essentials. This may go without saying, but it’s alway best to make a list before you go to take a shower and realize you don’t have any flip flops, or no light to read at night. Essential items may include comforter/bedspreads, pillows, clothes hangers, drinking cups, dishes and silverware, poster putty, food storage containers, detergent, cell phone chargers, power strip, desk lamp, DVD-Player/Streaming device, fan, hair dryer, electric blanket, small refrigerator (varies), stacking containers, robe, towel, toiletries, laundry basket, detergent, umbrella, flashlight, batteries, etc.

5. Sometimes it’s easier to know what NOT to bring. Beds and dressers are usually already furnished, as are air conditioners. Many new students bring a printer with them, but the truth is that it’s usually much easier to use the printer/computer labs so you don’t have to worry about toner/ink refills.

College campuses vary, so it’s always best to check and receive an approved list of dos and don’ts. Ultimately, when it comes to what you should bring, people have different opinions. Some like to travel light while others make exhaustive lists. And if you need help, remember, PockitShip can help you with:

  • Pickup, Delivery & Returns
    • Store purchases
    • Craiglist purchases
    • and much more
  • Small Moves
    • Perfect for 1-3 bedroom apartments and townhomes
  • In Home Moves
    • Move items between floors or from room to room
  • Donations & Junk
    • Get rid of the excess items and reclaim your space
  • Office Moves
    • Desks, tables, chairs, printers…move it stress free


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