Do you ever feel trapped in your own home, like you can’t find any room for peace and quiet? Need a space just for some “me” time? You’re not alone. In fact, some studies have shown that having your own space can help with mental clarity and health. When it comes to creating this little in-home getaway, we’ve compiled some tips to help!

1. Choose The Right Location. For a quiet space, you’ll want to choose somewhere away from main gathering areas, such as the TV room, kitchen or kids’ playroom. Even if you have a smaller home or apartment, you can still get away from these high-traffic areas. Try using a corner of the guest room, office, den, somewhere outside or even a redesigned closet to transform into your quiet area. Fold away Japanese Blinds can also provide you with some tranquility in smaller spaces.

2. Lighting. We know that vitamin D and sunlight are great for overall well-being. Not only that, but according to the Calm Critic, “Vitamin D deficiency, usually caused by a lack of exposure to sunlight, is thought to play an essential part in a person’s mental health…” So if possible, its best to create your quiet space near a window or even outdoors — weather permitting of course. Big plus if you can find a view of nature such as your backyard, garden, pool, etc. Of course, not everyone has this option, so just be sure to choose the right kind of lightbulbs (LED, incandescent, halogen, etc.) or lighting that works for you. You can also use curtains around your space to adjust the amount of light from the connected room.


3. Keep This Space Clutter-Free & Organized. Piles of paperwork, laundry, boxes, etc. can create a stressful environment, which is the opposite of what we’re aiming for. The best way to create a room for some “zen” is to keep it clutter-free and choose smart storage. For example, an ottoman with storage or a blanket ladder would look very stylish in your new space and would help to eliminate some clutter. THIS article from Apartment Therapy has some good ideas for minimizing clutter not only for your space, but for your home as well. Also, if you have unwanted furniture or appliances you need to get rid of, PockitShip can haul them away! Give us call at 703.229.0400 or install the app via iPhone or Android.

4. Decor. It might be a good idea to steer clear of any neon colors or crazy wallpaper, unless you find that relaxing. Perhaps it will work better to think more along the lines of relaxing shades like lavender, blue or pale yellow. And depending on your preference, you may opt to have a nice candle or essential oil diffuser to fill your quiet space with a relaxing scent (we’re partial to lavender or mint). When it comes to decorating, choose a few things that are personal to you, such as symbols of faith, photos of good memories, or family heirlooms that don’t take up too much space. You’ll also want a comfortable seating arrangement and possibly a coffee table to lay back and chill out. If you need help, PockitShip provides in-home moving services, so don’t take a chance on throwing out your back.